Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Trunk or Treat and a Fall Festival

 Kayla the Corpse Bride
 Buzz, I mean Wyatt
 Ghostly Prisoner
Tan the Po Po
Madelynn/Sleeping Beauty, and she really does love to sleep!
Jaxxon as Baby Bear
Fall Festival, cotton candy, yumm
The Entire Crazy Gang
Kenna was waiting for cotton candy!
Lexi, Mae, and Kenna, cousins!

Sis with Leah
Kenna as Belle and Madelynn :0) Best friends, sisters AND princesses!

So we double dipped and went to two different local church's two nights in a row. Sunday night, it was trunk or treating at the Catholic church and last night, it was a Fall Festival at the Baptist church we were attending for 6 months. It was nice to see everyone, though we often see everyone as our boys attend Karate there every week. Of course, we got a million, when you coming back to church questions. I just smiled and nodded and told them all that I'm too sick for now. I am just too chicken to say more than that. Some of the kids were upset and begging to go Sunday. I might let them?? I don't want to stand in their way. We shall see! Overall though, a really fun few nights with lots of treats~!!


  1. Your kids are ADORABLE, especially Madelynn!

  2. Everyone looks great! I don't think you need to shelter the kids from religion if they are still curious as long as you always encourage them to ask lots of questions and look at answers from all points of view (not just the point of view of the church). Also, do they want to go because they believe, or do they want to go because they just want to visit with their friends?

  3. Dea I think they all miss their friends, but some of my kids do still believe:)