Monday, October 3, 2011

My Babies Turned 11, 4 and Almost 1 This Weekend

 Kenna on her new bike, 4 years old now~~yay
 turned the homeschool room into a bedroom for Kayla while she was at shool and surprised her when she got home! Its such a huge, nice room. She was ecstatic!
 Can't believe she is 11 already! So cool that her and Kenna share their special day though
 Party favors
 Get your circus popcorn

 The bouncer
 Nana made the delish cake!
 Pin the nose on the clown upside down heheheehe
 Hot potato
 Wyatt the clown
 Jaxxon with his 1st birthday cake! My baby turns 1, 10-10-10 !!!! Time flies
 Kids eating
 Kayla opening gifts
 Kenna opening gifts
Baby Jaxxon opening his gifts!

I am so grateful to all our family and friends who came and made the kid's birthday an extra special one! Kayla and Kenna turned 11 and 4 on Sept 28th and Jaxxon turns 1 on 10-10-10 so we combined their birthdays to one big circus birthday bash! :) It was a fun day. I am glad I pulled it off before I started puking all day. :)

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